A little about me

Throughout my many chapters and identities that feel like they hold me and my work, one thing that always stands out is how deeply in awe I am of the complexities of being human and the reverence I hold for the journey we each navigate.
In all that I touch, I strive to embody authenticity and arrive with openness and a profound knowing that growth, change, and healing are enduring possibilities. 

Hi, nice to meet you or possibly see you again. I am Leesha. I am a mother, a writer, a somatic psychotherapist, a trauma specialist, and a woman who is incredibly passionate about maternal mental health and the experience of parenthood.  

The thread that weaves throughout my work with clients, my writing, and my offerings is the deep conviction in the transformative power of being able to name what often feels unnamable, being able to look at what often is hard to see, and learning to feel what is often been deemed unreachable.

I came to this work by way of my own history and journey into the self, after realizing that I longed for another way of being. I learned that when we arrive in a held container, we are given the opportunity to delve into ourselves, our histories, and the well of resources that live inside. Through my own experience, I realized that so much is possible, and by gaining access to more of myself, I too, could find healing and wholeness

I am committed to guiding folks on a journey of profound self-discovery, fostering a deep sense of awareness and acceptance. Together, we welcome and reclaim different facets of your identity and story, paving the way for a transformative path toward greater wholeness.

Things that make my heart sing:

Brave conversations.
My son’s infectious laughter.
Connecting to the Seasons and the natural world. 
A tender hug from a friend. 
A warm cup of tea. 
Lying on my office floor.
Sunday’s at the Farmers Market. 
Watering my way too many houseplants.
Writing my morning pages. 
That first sip of coffee.
Moving slowly. 
Stumbling upon an unexpected bookstore. 
Laughing whenever possible. 

I hold the belief that…

Those who move towards psychotherapy come with all of what they need already inside of them, and that as a guide, it is my humble privilege to help bring deeper awareness to help my clients awaken and connect to what is already there. 

Those embarking on the journey of psychotherapy bring inherent wisdom and strength, and that it is my privilege to be able to hold up a mirror.  

Those embarking on the journey of psychotherapy come with agency and their own voice and that it is my job to listen and honor. 

Those embarking on the journey of psychotherapy come in worthy and deserving of all that they seek and that it is my job to help reveal what is possible and nurture what is growing. 


M.A. Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy, Dominican University of California
B.A. Psychology, California State East Bay


Early Childhood Mental Health 

Maternal Mental Health Professional Certificate Training

Completed two years of learning & practicing Somatic Experiencing through the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute