Leesha Mony, a Seattle-based writer and Somatic Psychotherapist, delves into themes encompassing motherhood, maternal mental health, survivorship, and the quest for belonging. As both a mother and a Psychotherapist specializing in the perinatal season, Leesha offers a profound understanding of the myriad healing possibilities through storytelling. Engaged in various writing communities fostering shared voices and collective healing, Leesha’s work has been showcased by notable platforms such as Motherly, The Kindred Voice, and Motherscope. She has also been featured as a guest on a podcast, sharing insights on her book and the transformative power of writing.

Author Bio

Podcasts/Speaking Engagements

Connecting to community and having brave and heart-filled conversations feeds my soul. I warmly invite opportunities to be a guest on your podcast or to speak at workshops, community spaces, or conferences. My unique perspective encompasses the intersection of birth and survivorship, the transformative journey of motherhood/matrescence, and the profound impact of somatic birth storytelling.

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Guest Writing

As a dedicated writer and Somatic Psychotherapist, I am thrilled by the prospect of contributing my voice to various platforms. I am eager to explore the themes of motherhood, maternal mental health, survivorship, and belonging in the written form. Whether for your blog, publication, or collaborative project, I bring a depth of insight and a passion for storytelling that aims to resonate with and inspire readers. Let's weave narratives together and create a space for shared experiences and collective healing through the power of the written word.

Community Offerings

As a Guide for Group Birth Storytelling, I invite you to immerse yourself in the beauty of shared narratives. Let me be your gentle guide as we facilitate group birth storytelling sessions, creating a supportive and communal environment where each individual can articulate their unique journey into motherhood. In addition to group birth storytelling, I extend my guidance to various community groups, including postpartum groups, prenatal support groups, education programs, trauma-aware birthing groups, and birth recovery groups.