Birth Trauma Recovery

This offering is tailored for mothers seeking essential support in reclaiming a sense of stability and inner safety after navigating a challenging or traumatic birth. Many individuals experience births that may not have gone as planned, leading to stress and trauma. Unfortunately, many mothers and families find themselves without the support they truly deserve. Recognizing the critical importance of processing these experiences, this service provides a nurturing space for mothers to navigate their trauma, facilitating a quicker return to self-connection, bonding with their baby, and the healing journey. As a somatic practitioner specializing in perinatal trauma, I am dedicated to offering timely support that empowers mothers to regain a sense of wholeness as they navigate the complexities that come with challenging births.

Beyond aiding birthing bodies in resolving their birthing trauma, I extend support to partners, offering them a dedicated space to process their experiences and embark on their journey toward healing.